I STARTED CRYSTAL COMPETITION BIKINIS WHEN I DECIDED TO PUT ALL MY FAVORITE THINGS INTO ONE LITTLE PACKAGE. FITNESS AND CRYSTALS ARE MY LIFE! IN DECEMBER 2016 I HAD An AWAKENING WHEN I ALMOST DIED IN A CAR ACCIDENT AND SINCE THEN I HAVE A WHOLE NEW OUTLOOK ON LIFE. "PHYSICALLY & MENTALLY STRONG" COMES FROM MY EXPERIENCE. I TURNED TO CRYSTALS AS THEY HELPED ME FIND MY INNER LIGHT. THEY HELPED ME HEAL AND GET THROUGH THE STRUGGLE I WAS FACING. OUR MAIN PURPOSE IN THIS LIFE IS TO BE AT SERVICE TO OTHERS AND MY ULTIMATE GOAL IS TO INSPIRE AS MANY PEOPLE AS I CAN! I AM SO THANKFUL TO HAVE GOTTEN A SECOND CHANCE AT LIFE THEREFORE I CHOOSE TO SPREAD LOVE AND LIGHT BY SENDING A CRYSTAL WITH EACH SUIT. YOUR ABILITY TO FEEL THROUGH PAIN AND DISCOMFORT IS WHERE THE REAL GROWTH LIES. YOU NEED TO TREAT YOUR MIND AS IF IT WERE A MUSCLE AND DEVELOP A STRONG MINDSET. YOUR MIND IS STRONGER THAN YOUR BODy and YOUR MINDSET IS YOUR ULTIMATE SOURCE OF ENERGY. YOU'VE GOT TO MASTER YOUR MIND IF YOU WANT TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL. BEING THAT BODYBUILDING IS SUCH A TOUGH COMPETITIVE SPORT YOU NOT ONLY HAVE TO BE PHYSICALLY STRONG BUT MENTALLY AS WELL. Most people are not mentally and physically STRONG enough to keep going. They don't feel like it today. They have an excuse. They have a reason. They have a story. they don't have the toughness to push past it. People want to have this great body but the moment that it gets uncomfortable they GIVE UP. when things are tough and challenging you really learn the most about yourself. Do you just give up, or do you keep going and finish what you said you're going to do? if you push past that that's where the muscle is built.  That is where your strength lies! You're capable of so much more than you think. Challenge yourself physically & MENTALLY every day. that's why I love going to the gym because I push myself to get stronger. I push myself beyond what I thought I could lift. In doing so, I am developing my mindset. If more people focused on their mental fitness they'd become more successful in achieving the goals they set for themselves in all areas of their life. YOUR BODY WONT DO WHAT YOUR MIND DOESNT TELL IT. BUILDING MENTAL MUSLCE IS THE KEY TO BECOME THE BEST PHYSICAL AND MENTAL VERSION OF YOURSELF.